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Rolos Laminadores
Cabeçote Laminador


A variety in products to meet the most diverse needs with regard to threading tools.

Sector Roll

ZOBOR manufactures and reworks rollers and sectors for any machine that uses this system. The rollers and sectors are manufactured within a rigid quality control to ensure a better productivity. The rollers and sectors are supplied in material D2 and VF 800 AT ..

Machos laminadores
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Mills Laminators  
ZOBOR also counts on the line of Laminating Mills for Thread. They can be made from HSS steel, HSSCo. The surface treatment of the tool will depend on the application in the client.

Thread Type

ZOBOR Tapping Taps are constructed of high-speed steel and comply with DIN, ANSI and ISO specifications, or as per customer specification. Males supplied can be: manual, machine, nut and with internal cooling. The males are supplied in material HSS, HSSCo and HSSCoPM. The surface treatment of the tool will depend on the application in the client. Thread tap

barra laminadora
Rolling Machines The ZB-30 Laminator is designed following strict quality and safety criteria, fully complying with the criteria required by national and international regulatory standards. The ZB-30 laminator has a wide range of possible products to be applied in the most diverse branches. laminating machine
Laminating Bars ZOBOR, the Brazilian pioneer in the industry, has a wide experience in the manufacture and recovery of all types of Roto-Flo, straight and helicoidal Slot and Thread Laminators, with rigid quality standards to produce the uniform and accurate profiles . We provide on own development or according to customer specification. The rolling bar is supplied in HSS material or as requested by the customer. bar
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